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IIT Roorkee brings down passing percentage

This year, IIT Roorkee has expelled 18 students for not scoring well and previous year, the number was 73

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Publish Date: Aug 19 2016 4:11PM | Updated Date: Aug 19 2016 4:12PM

IIT Roorkee brings down passing percentage

Photo: IIT Roorkee


After expulsion of more than 15 students for not scoring well, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, created huge turmoil in the minds of students as well as government. Amidst this, IIT Roorkee has decided to reduce the percentage for passing B-Tech (Bachelor of Technology) course.

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) to pass the course has been reduced from 5 to 4. 
According to a report published in ‘The Economic Times’, 5 to 20 percent of students passed from IIT fail to secure job offers, which is a big concern for the institute as well as the government. 
Nevertheless, the IIT Roorkee, expelled 18 students this year out of which one belongs to reserved category. Last year, it expelled 73 students. In both cases, it withdrew the termination of students as a result of protests.   
Interestingly, IIT Roorkee is not the only institute to lower the passing percentage for its students, but in 2011, IIT Kanpur also lowered its CGPA from 5 to 4.
In between, several members of IIT faculty blame poor quality of students to get enrolled in IITs every year. According to ‘The Economic Times’, the criteria of assessment of students is not very effective and students who lack conceptual comprehension, fail to cope with the pressure. 
Interestingly, this situation is not new and it happens every year.