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Yoga to be taught in primary schools of Goa

The minister said it adding that infrastructure facilities have been upgraded for more students

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Publish Date: Aug 10 2016 12:31PM | Updated Date: Aug 10 2016 12:32PM

Yoga to be taught in primary schools of Goa

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Goa’s Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar has announced to introduce Yoga in primary schools of Goa.  


For this, the government has decided to appoint 60 master resource persons. He said this adding that thenumber of students who enroll in primary schools is more than the number of students born in the city of Goa. It clearly means that migrants also enroll their children.


Therefore, the infrastructure facilities have been made capable for them by upgrading, Parsekar said. Or this, also an amount of Rs 41 crore has been spent.


The Minister also showed his concern about the declining number of students in state run primary schools but hopes to get more students getting admissions in government schools as a result of upgraded infrastructure and education facilities.