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New education tools launched by Google

To improve the learning experience, Google showcased new tools including education app, Quizzes

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 29 2016 2:32PM | Updated Date: Jun 29 2016 2:54PM

New education tools launched by Google

Google showcased new study tools to improve the education experience of teachers and students. The company launched new Education app, Google Forms Quizzes and other educational activities for the e-classrooms.


The education Chrome app will be connected to a projector and computer where students and teachers can directly access the learning material. Teachers also have the option to approve or disapprove connection requests from students.


Google Forms also received a new feature called Quizzes. It will let teachers automatically grade multiple choice questions and save time in manually grading students.


Teachers also get the ability to add a review in the form of explanations, supplemental websites or review videos.There is also an option to disable students from sending a copy of responses to themselves.


The search giant also introduced the expeditions app. Teachers can download the app on a set of devices and choose over 200 Expeditions for students.