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School policy to make student feel proud

Draft education policy suggested that new curriculum would make every student feel proud of being Indian

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 30 2016 5:38PM | Updated Date: May 30 2016 5:38PM

School policy to make student feel proud

The content of every subject, particularly in school, should be designed weaving in values like righteousness, truth and the students' responsibility to themselves and the country.


The draft of new education policy has suggested that the curriculum be drawn up with the objective of making every student feel proud of being Indian.


“People from across the globe live in America and feel proud of being American, irrespective of their route. Similarly, students must feel proud of being Indian,” the source from the policy committee said.


According to the draft, the social science syllabus is to present India's rich diversity of cultures, religions and civilizational heritage. Science subjects are to present the relation between man and nature in way that makes the students feel responsible for the environment.


Along with the rights guaranteed in the Constitution, the students are to be taught their duties and responsibilities, too. "Values should be part of all curricula," the source said.


The ministry is examining the draft policy, submitted by a five-member panel. The last policy was drawn up in 1986 and revised in 1992.


The panel, headed by former cabinet secretary T.S.R. Subramanian, has said the current lack of special care affects the potential of children from socially and educationally backward communities.