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English beats Hindi in UP Board results

On an average 4.3% students have flunked in Hindi while 2.9 % failed in English

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Publish Date: May 16 2016 1:37PM | Updated Date: May 16 2016 1:37PM

English beats Hindi in UP Board results
 The result of UP Board has to a shocking end as more students have failed in Hindi than in English in UP, a prominent part of Hindi belt. In class XII, 11, 04,726 appeared for Hindi exam and 47,870 failed.
According to the reports, In English, 22, 91,854 took the exam of which 56,986 failed. Figures confirmed by the UP Board show the interest in regional languages is fading among students. Only 66 students opted for Punjabi, 47 appeared for Sindhi and all were declared successful. There was only one student each who appeared for Marathi, Nepalese and Odiya, while three opted for Gujarati, four for Telgu, five for Bengali, eight for Tamil and 17 for Kannada.
Major part of the students opted two languages-Sanskrit and Urdu. In Sanskrit, 4,16,801 took the exam, of which 4,00,862 were successful. Overall 54,895 students appeared for the Urdu exam and 53,426 passed.
According to “Times of India” report, Identical faces with identical grades Badrinath and Kedarnath, students of Lucknow Public College secured exactly 91.8 % each in their class XII UP Board examinations.