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JEE contains 50 CBSE students in top list

50 from CBSE, 21 from Telangana and 7 from Maharashtra in top 100

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Publish Date: May 13 2016 5:00PM | Updated Date: May 13 2016 5:02PM

JEE contains 50 CBSE students in top list
Demo Photo of students checking results
As you know, JEE, which is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations given by science students mostly, provides advantage to its top 100 scorers to choose their own streams and they do not have to work on other options like other students. 
This year, out of these fortunate 100, 50 students of CBSE are provided this advantage as there are around 50 students alone from CBSE who mark their places in the list of top 100.
Out of these top 100 students, 50 are from CBSE schools, 21 are from Telangana Board, while, 7 candidates from Maharashtra State Board.
Talking about, Maharashtra, around 10, 627 students have marked their places in JEE tests. 
Apart from them, around 11, 040 students who have cleared JEE are from Telangana. 
According to TOI report, the officials have seen maximum students making it are from CBSE.
In 2013, around 80 percent students were from CBSE, Andhra State Board and Punjab State Board and in 2014, students from CBSE, Andhra, Maharashtra and Rajasthan State Boards made it to IIT.