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IIT Bombay survey says 95% freshers are virgin

Survey was conducted to appreciate the diversity of the freshman batch welcomed to campus

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Publish Date: May 4 2016 2:03PM | Updated Date: May 4 2016 2:06PM

IIT Bombay survey says 95% freshers are virgin

 At least 95 percent of the students were marked virgins out of which 30 percent students admitted to be in a relationship. The results for the same were declared on Tuesday.

According to ‘The Times of India’, the survey was conducted by IIT-B's student newspaper 'Insight', to appreciate the diversity of the freshman batch welcomed to the campus. 
Interestingly, the Powai campus for the first time took into the account, the beliefs and lifestyles of the approaching batch. It is quite interesting to know that students took the survey optimistically and were liberal with their views on politics while approximately 75% of the students seemed comfortable with the subjects of homosexuality and homosexual marriages. 
Apart from the above mentioned survey, the newspaper 'Insight' also focused to know the backgrounds of students before joining IIT, their political and religious ideas as well as their post- graduation plans.  
According to the editor in chief of 'Insight', Shreeyesh Menon, "The survey aimed to understand the institute's demographic better. It's important so we can see how we're growing as an institute and what demographic we are catering to." 
The percentage of ones who do not believe in the religious practices is on the larger side while 30% claimed to follow them somehow. When it comes to the idea of God, 18% are atheist, 35% are agnostic and 47 percent  believe in God. 
Also, students mentioned spending 1.5 hours on their smartphones especially for social networking daily and plan to study for an average of 1.4 hours every day at IIT-B, the study noted. Later, after passing out, 32% expect their first annual salary to be in the range of Rs 10 lakh to 25 lakh while there are those, about 11 percent, who expect a yearly compensation of more than Rs 60 lakh. And a decade after graduation, while 72 percent of them would continue to be in engineering some don't have a clue and many others want to be entrepreneurs.
When asked about, life before IIT-B was largely about JEE, with 40% spending four to seven hours daily and 30% dedicating between 7 and 12 hours to prepare. Of those who cracked the exam, 21% took a year's drop from school to solely train for the JEE.