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Delhi govt to launch new action plan for teachers

Action plan was revealed by Education minister Manish Sisodia and Directorate of Education

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Publish Date: Apr 9 2016 5:13PM | Updated Date: Apr 9 2016 5:18PM

Delhi govt to launch new action plan for teachers

Delhi government has come up with a new education action plan according to which government school teachers will get an online individualised learning platform. Also, this year during the vacations, sixth-grade students will get to attend summer camps run by willing school management committees.


As per reports, a mobile application for SMCs to report school issues on and training of nearly every group involved in the schooling process -- from administrators to local community -- are also in Delhi Government's action plan for education in 2016-2017. 


This action plan was revealed by the Education minister Manish Sisodia and senior officials of the Directorate of Education and non-government organisations who will manage the bulk of the programmes, before over a 1,000 principals and 200 mentor teachers.


The NGOs involved include Pratham, Creatnet Education, and Saajha. Training will be provided to over 800 heads of school in small groups; many will travel to different parts of the country and abroad to share best practices with school leaders there. The government intends to also increase involvement of the family in the students' learning.


This year, the government intends to make "creative use" of the summer vacation for grade six. Willing SMCs can sign up to run summer camps and esliber "activity-based learning through interaction and group projects."


The teacher training programme will be recast into a new format. As principal advisor to the DoE Shailendra Kumar explains, they'll now begin through a "change in perspective" -- instill the belief that everyone can learn -- work on foundation skills for students of Class I to IX and subject knowledge of teachers who teach Classes IX to XII.


Even education administrators will be trained -- many are promoted from schools -- and will finally form a forum on which they can share solutions.