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'AAP has failed scheduled castes in budget'

Delhi govt budget has come as a big disappointment for Schedule Caste community

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Mar 29 2016 6:40PM | Updated Date: Mar 30 2016 11:15AM

'AAP has failed scheduled castes in budget'

The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) Tuesday criticized the Delhi Government for denying Rs 2,746 crore in this year’s Budget for the welfare of Scheduled Castes.   


“The budget of the Delhi government has come as a big disappointment. The budget shockingly points out a denial of Rs 2,745.63 crore to the SC community, who are languishing due to lack of adequate housing, water and sanitation, health as well as lack of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, which are necessary to reduce the gross inequalities,” a statement issued by NCDHR said.


NCDHR said that out of Rs 46,600.00 crore of total Budget Estimate, Rs 20,600.00 crore is the Plan outlay.


“As per the guidelines, Rs 3,460 Cr should have been allocated under the SCSP. However only Rs 715.17 crore has been allocated, which is about Rs 92.15 Cr less from the previous year. It is a denial of almost 80 percent and the percentage of allocation is a mere 3.47 percent of the total Plan Outlay,” statement reads.


On further scrutiny of the quantum of actual expenditure for the year 2014-15, NCDHR said that 23 percent of the total allocation to the SCs has been unspent.


“The budget estimates for the year 2014-15 was Rs 709.87 crore but only Rs 545.96 crore was spent, which means Rs 163.91 crore has lapsed, which is a gross violation of the SCSP guidelines for implementation."


“The denial is apparent when we scrutinize further. The total due amount under the SCSP in the last six  years all together is Rs. 17,298.53 crore which should have been allocated as per the SCP-TSP Guidelines but the total allocation has been only Rs. 3,800.69 crore,” it said.


NCDHR said that the AAP in its manifesto emphasised on ‘equal opportunities across sections of the society’ with respect to education, health and job opportunities. But the reality is different.


“It boldly made a claim that the status of social justice in the country was not living up to the ‘Constitutional promises’. AAP promised that their government once in power would work to bridge this gap between ‘Constitutional promises’ and ‘social justice’ in real term. But it has proved otherwise,” the statement read.