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Vajpayee era better than Modi regime

BJP official records clearly reflects party internal dialogue have shrunk

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Mar 21 2016 10:51AM | Updated Date: Mar 21 2016 10:51AM

Vajpayee era better than Modi regime

 At the national executive, the BJP leadership exhorted party cadres to spread the achievements of the Narendra Modi regime far and wide, but the fact remains that the institutional mechanism of internal dialogue with party cadres seems to have shrunk when compared with the Vajpayee regime. 

A comparison of the frequency of the party's national meets during the first two years of full terms of the Vajpayee regime (October 1999-May 2004) and Modi regime (May 2014 onwards) suggests that the party constitution was followed with sincerity during the previous NDA regime. 
In fact, BJP's official records clearly reflect that while there were six national meets during late 1999 and end 2001 (first two years) after Vajpayee got reelected as the PM for a full term, there has been only three such meets during the first two years of the Modi regime. 
As per the party documents, BJP held six national meets — November 1999 and April 2000 when Kushabhau Thakre was the party president; between August and October 2000 when Bangaru Laxman was the party chief; and between July and November 2001 when Jana Krishnamurthy was the party head — during the first two years of Vajpayee's full term. These six meets during the Vajpayee regime is in conformity with the requirements of BJP's constitution. 
The party constitution envisages BJP National Executive Committee meeting "once every three months" and National Council Meeting "once every year". In contrast, the infrequent national meets during the first two years of this tenure of BJP-led regime at the Centre — August 2014, April 2015 and March 2016 all under the presidentship of Amit Shah — fall foul of BJP's own constitution.