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75% toddlers don't have Aadhaar number

Children less than 5 years don't have Aadhaar number

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Apr 1 2016 12:35PM | Updated Date: Apr 1 2016 4:02PM

75% toddlers don't have Aadhaar number

 The Modi government, who is using Aadhaar card as an important tool, still has a long way to go. It has to enroll eight crore toddlers of India whereas 28 crore people is already awaiting for Aadhaar.

Almost 75% of toddlers in the country, who are less than 5 years of age, don't have an Aadhaar number, pegging back the Centre's ambitious target of 100% Aadhaar coverage by mid-2016. While the UIDAI says it has launched a big campaign to accelerate enrolment of 6.2 crore toddlers falling in its ambit in 18 states allotted to UIDAI, a piquant situation has emerged in the 11 states where Registrar General of India (RGI) is allotted the job to do enrolments. 
RGI has no mandate to enrol nearly 2 crore toddlers below 5 years of age in the states allotted to it. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), on a push by the Committee of Secretaries (CoS), is now bringing a Cabinet note seeking an expanded mandate for enrolling these toddlers. 
Only 2.2 crore Aadhaar numbers have been issued so far in the 0-5 age group out of the nearly 11 crore toddlers in India. UIDAI has to enrol 2.1 crore toddlers in UP and 1.2 crore children in Bihar.