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IAS Association praises politician's dismissal

The SP politician says that it was all part of some conspiracy against him

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Publish Date: Jun 10 2016 3:00PM | Updated Date: Jun 10 2016 3:10PM

IAS Association praises politician's dismissal

Kuldeep Ujjwal, SP politician


The chairman of UP Liquor Prohibition Board was sacked by the UP government after he was seen abusing Panchayati Raj officer Sarvesh Kumar Pandey and using abusive language for Baghpat’s district magistrate Hriday Shankar Tiwari.

According to ‘’, in fact, the politician who reportedly used abusive language in the video was Kuldeep Ujjwal who incidentally is the Samajwadi Party’s Baghpat candidate for the assembly polls next year.
The clip shows bragging that he holds ‘a rank of minister’ and he would ‘teach them a lesson’.
According to the principal secretary (information) Navneet Sehgal, Ujjwal was dismissed on the orders of chief minister Akhilesh Singh Yadav.
After the incident, the IAS Association on a media site that, “It’s sad that the concerned official who 'abused' the DM is a wannabe legislator. Fair that action has been taken”.
According to the politician, the district leveled officers were holding back funds of village heads. He claimed, as reported in media reports that he was protesting on behalf of the local people. 
District magistrate Hriday Shankar Tiwari has not issued any statement as yet. He is a promoted IAS officer and will retire in 2018.