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IAS officer apologises for his act, calls it unintentional

He was criticised for putting his left foot resting on bedrail while talking to a patient

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Publish Date: May 9 2016 3:22PM | Updated Date: May 9 2016 3:26PM

IAS officer apologises for his act, calls it unintentional
Jagdish Sonkar, 2013 batch Chhattisgarh cadre IAS, became an important topic of discussion due to his act, where he put his left foot resting on the bedrail while speaking to a patient in a government hospital. 
Sonkar, 35 actually visited to inspect the government rehabilitation center and there his act was captured in a camera and eventually posted it on a social media site which created a turmoil on social media.  
The IAS himself admitted his act to be ‘unjustifiable’. He also said that it was ‘unintentional and thoroughly avoidable’. 
The hype on social media created after the incident forced the IAS Association to term his act as ‘shocking and unacceptable’. 
After this act the State Chief Minister Raman Singh instructed the general administration department to train hits officers, behavior and manners of public dealing.
Consequently, this MBBS turned IAS has apologised for his deed and his letter of apology, according to ‘’, is as under. 
"Dear all, 
This post is to tender an open, unconditional apology in response to the picture of mine that is being circulated in social media and newspapers. No amount of words can justify the said act, although it was unintentional and thoroughly avoidable. I understand the harm the act has inflicted on the image of civil service fraternity. I apologize to each one of them. I also thank people who stood by me, from among media, fraternity, friends and family, during this times of tough scrutiny. I thank those who have reserved their opinions and judgements, and have not concluded on me, based upon the picture alone. I reassure each one of you that I would stick to the core values of civil services— Honesty, Integrity, Objectivity, Impartiality and Civility, Modesty, Humility, Chivalry, and strive my level best to be a better civil servant and a better human being. Apologies to those hurt by the act and Gratitudes to those who stood by me. 
As I am infrequent in social media, the response is delayed. 
Jagdish Sonkar"
Sonkar is presently a sub-divisional magistrate ranked officer and originally hails from Uttar Pradesh
This chapter is closed for now after his apology but it comes with a message that merit is incomplete without manners.