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Centre dismissed 72 revenue officers

The officers who are deemed or sacked will lose all retirement benefits

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 7 2016 4:56PM | Updated Date: May 8 2016 2:35PM

Centre dismissed 72 revenue officers
Centre is all set to take strict action against defaulting and non-performing officials. Already an action has been taken against officers resulting in the dismissal of 72 revenue officers and premature retirement of 33 others. 
According to, this action was taken after Prime Minister was advised to be strict against non-performing official. 
The officers who were dismissed are the ones against whom departmental or disciplinary actions were pending for over two years.
It is not the first time, earlier this year, in January, 11 IRS officers’ duties were snatched away from them when they were reported to be absent without the authorization for more than five years. 
The worst part for the officers is that the officers who would be deemed or sacked would also lose all the retirement benefits. This action has already been taken on the above mentioned 11 government officers.