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Govt may bend rules for IAS, IPS couple

Centre may change rules to give post-marriage life of couple a happy ending

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Apr 19 2016 4:44PM | Updated Date: Apr 19 2016 4:50PM

Govt may bend rules for IAS, IPS couple

Centre may change rules to give the post-marriage life of IAS officer P Parthiban and IPS officer Nisha Parthiban a happy ending. 

According to, cadre change of officers— 2011 batch AGMUT cadre IAS P Parthiban and 2011 batch Tamil Nadu cadre IPS Nisha Parthiban— could not be done under present rules of inter-cadre transfers on the grounds of marriage. 
But in a DoPT meeting held earlier this month, it was decided that it will take up the policy for such cases first. 
Government, in fact, has shown its eagerness to change the existing guidelines after the officers concerned convened that they would go for a third cadre — i.e. Gujarat as their new cadre. 
Problem increased as either of officers could not select for the cadre of the spouse being their home cadre, according to existing policy. 
To put it in easier terms, P Parthiban can’t be placed in Tamil Nadu cadre where Nisha Parthiban has been working, as Tamil Nadu happens to be his home cadre. Same way, Nisha Parthiban can’t be shifted to her husband’s cadre AGMUT, as she belongs to Delhi, meaning AGMUT will be her home cadre. 
But once couple is ready  to work in a third cadre, i.e. Gujarat, DOPT panel is likely to change the rules and facilitate their stay in same state.