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Having good rainfall, farmers increase farming area

The area for cultivation of urad has been increased by 75 percent in Maharashtra

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Aug 5 2016 1:53PM | Updated Date: Aug 5 2016 1:59PM

Having good rainfall, farmers increase farming area
Getting more than expected rainfall this year, farmers in Maharashtra have decided to increase agricultural area for the cultivation of pulses and other cereals. 
As a result, the farmers have increased he area under urad by 75 per cent and pulses by 64 per cent. Also, the areas under tur and moong have also been increased by 64 and 46 percent respectively. 
Because 25 districts out of 34 districts in the state have received more than 100 percent rainfall, the area under rice, jowar, bajra and other food grains has been increased by 34 percent by the farmers. 
In addition to that, area under oilseeds has also increased by 15 per cent.
Apart from cereals and other food items, area reserved for cotton cultivation has also been increased from 36.36 lakh hectares to 37.33 lakh hectares.
Lastly, the area under kharif has increased by 21 percent and there is approximately 140 lakh hectares of land for kharif cultivation.