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Crop planting in country jumps 23.8%

In one week heavy rain crop production increased especially in acreage of rice, pulses and cereals

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 23 2016 3:13PM | Updated Date: Jul 23 2016 3:15PM

Crop planting in country jumps 23.8%

Crop plantation in country has increase 23.8% in the last one week, after the heavy rains covers entire India. According to the current data overall planting stands 3.28 per cent higher than last year at 692.98 lakh hectare.


The increase was largely seen in acreage of rice, pulses and coarse cereals. Water levels in reservoirs have also risen significantly in the past month, providing more water for irrigation which is good news for farmers.


As of July 21, the water available in the 91 important reservoirs was 54.419 billion cubic metres, which was higher than the 10-year average of 52.050 bcm, according to data from the Central Water Commission. 


Rice currently covers an area of 183.06 lakh hectare, an increase of 47.7 per cent from last week. The acreage has largely seen an increase in Maharashtra, Assam, Chhattisgarh and Punjab.


This kharif season rice will be planted on 392.81 lakh hectare. Similarly, the area under pulses acreage rose to 26.9 per cent from the past week, and 39.39 per cent over the previous year in the same period to 90.17 lakh hectare. Planting of arhar has increased more than 53 per cent from last year.


Higher planting was recorded in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka whereas Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand had lower area under cultivation. Area under coarse cereals which includes maize, bajra, ragi, and small millets posted an increase of 23.4 per cent in the past one week to touch 130.80 lakh hectares.