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Vegetable prices climb as rain ruins crop

Crops damage causing strain on families' budget as the rain affecting every day veggies too

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 14 2016 1:44PM | Updated Date: Jul 14 2016 1:44PM

Vegetable prices climb as rain ruins crop

Good rainfall helped some summer crops but it has also brought with it misery for the vegetable crops. Heavy shower has damaged the delicate plants of the vegetables. Hence the price of vegetables has almost doubled following a reduction in arrivals.


Tomato and capsicum prices have doubled in the past week. The prices of other green vegetables have also increased. Heavy rains not only damaged the crops but vegetables that were poorly stored have also started rotting.


Due to supply shortage, price hike has further led which is causing strain on the family budget. The price of capsicum, which was sold for inn between Rs 30 and Rs 40 has increased to Rs 100 per kg in the past few weeks. Similarly, tomatoes, which were sold for Rs 20 per kg has gone up to Rs 50 per kg. 


The price of lady's finger has increased from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kg, while the price of pointed gourd (parval) has shot up from Rs 14 to Rs 25 per kg. Coriander, which was sold for Rs 30 a week ago, now costs Rs 160 per kg.


With prices soaring, residents who would normally buy a kilogram of a particular vegetable are now buying only half a kg. Meanwhile, daily wage earners who earn between Rs 150 and Rs 200 cannot afford this much hike.