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Time to accelerate sowing: Met Department

Monsoon rains cover half of India and it is a good time to accelerate crop sowing

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Publish Date: Jun 22 2016 1:06PM | Updated Date: Jun 22 2016 1:06PM

Time to accelerate sowing: Met Department

Indian monsoon rains have covered nearly half of the country and it is good time to accelerate planting of summer crops like paddy rice, soybeans, cotton and pulses, says an official from Meteorological department.

June to September monsoon is crucial for farm output and economic growth in India, where over half of arable land is fed by rain. The farm sector makes up about 15 percent of the total Indian economy which makes it Asia's third largest economy.
The sowing has been held up this year due to a delay in the arrival of monsoon rains, but now conditions are becoming favorable for further progress of the monsoon in central and western India, the weather office stated.
The monsoon has covered all southern and eastern states and nearly the whole of Maharashtra, the biggest producer of sugar and second biggest producer of cotton and soybeans.
"Paddy (rice) transplanting is gaining momentum in southern and eastern states," said an official at the Agricultural Meteorology Division of India Meteorological Department.
"Soybean, cotton and pulses sowing will also gain momentum this week as people are planning their crops according to the monsoon," the official said.