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Agriculture Department to ensure soil fertility

Department is collecting soil samples in Karnataka state with the aim to retain the fertility of soil

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Publish Date: Jun 16 2016 2:20PM | Updated Date: Jun 16 2016 2:22PM

Agriculture Department to ensure soil fertility

The Department of Agriculture has collected around 20,000 soil samples in Vijaypura district, Karnataka for testing. The objective is to retain the fertility of the soil and promote the use of bio-fertilizer.

The district has 9.5 lakh hectare cultivatable land area, including dry and irrigated land. The department has been encouraging farmers to get the soil tested to get information about the presence or absence of constituents and minerals in it.
The process will help farmers to know what kind of and how much fertilizer should be used on the soil and for which crop for getting a higher yield.
The State government has been issuing soil health cards from last year for the purpose. Farmers need to collect soil samples and get a detailed report from laboratories on the nature of their land and the quantity of fertilizer that could be used there.
The department believes that with the better knowledge about the quantity of nutrients and minerals present in the soil, farmers would know the exact quantity of how much fertilizer soil needs for better production and they would not damage the land productiveness by using excess fertilizer.
“Because of the unchecked unregulated usage of fertilizer, farmers are unable to get high yield as they affect the soil fertility. Realizing the importance of the issue, the government is encouraging farmers to get the soil teste,” quoted D. Manjunath, Joint Director - Agriculture.
He further said that the department had set a target of collecting 1.41 lakh soil samples in three years. This will help the farmers to keep a check on the use of fertilizer.