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India to achieve 50 mt maize output by 2025

To meet the rising demand, doubled the crop said Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh

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Publish Date: May 27 2016 1:20PM | Updated Date: May 27 2016 1:26PM

India to achieve 50 mt maize output by 2025

To meet the rising domestic demand of the crop, India to achieve 50 million tones (mt) maize output by 2025 to meet demand and going to double its maize production said Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh.

In spite of the drought last year, the maize production stood at 24.17 mt in 2014-15, Singh said adding this signifies the resilience of maize cultivation against climatic variability. As per the advance estimates, the maize production is projected at 21.02 mt in 2015-16 crop year.
About 64 per cent of the total maize production is used for poultry feed, followed by 16 per cent for human consumption, 19 per cent for industrial starch and beverage and 1 per cent for seed, as reported at Business Standard website.
Keeping in view the recent interest of urban consumers especially in specialty corn, like sweet corn, baby corn, popcorn, etc., it is expected that demand for maize as food may rise to 2 mt by 2025, Singh said.
Singh further added that by 2025, India will require at least 50 mt maize for domestic consumption of which 32 mt for feed, 15 mt for industrial sector, 2 mt as food and 1 mt for seed thus, doubling India's maize production must be achieved.
The minister said that in order to explore maximum uses of the crop, the maize-based industry needs to be promoted in a big way and special incentives need to be given for the cultivation of baby corn, popcorn, sweet corn, multigrain flour etc.