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AgriTech solutions for catalytic growth of crops

Technical solutions would ease the life of a farmer and also have a huge impact on the produce of crops

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Publish Date: May 24 2016 2:57PM | Updated Date: May 24 2016 2:57PM

AgriTech solutions for catalytic growth of crops

Various sectors have embraced technology to accomplish day to day activities. While this has resulted in the rise of niche sectors such as FinTech, EduTech, MarTech and so on, technology has had the most important impact on agriculture.


Gone are the days when the farmers relied on the radio for the latest news updates. These technological solutions not only easing the life of a farmer, but also have a huge impact on the produce of the crops, thus enabling the traditional farmer to become tech-savvy. 


The rise of the new sector – Agriculture Technology (AgriTech) has revolutionized the traditional agriculture all over the world that includes trying to make it rain through cloud seeding, monitoring the health of crops, water recycling, drone farming and so on.


Even Indian farmers are extensively using modern social media platforms for networking with other farmers, to identify crop diseases and to obtain latest updates on agriculture, weather, mandi prices and government policies, farmers have formed groups on social media platforms and use mobile applications.


In this rapidly evolving digital world, the Government has launched initiatives such as the Kisan Suvidha application and the National Agriculture Market (NAM), which is a nod to the growth in the adoption of technology in the agricultural space in the country.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently acknowledged the same by stating that “First green revolution took place at places with good water supply but second green revolution has to be powered by technology, modernization”.