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There is more to do with urban farming

Urban farming is not just a passion but business for some people like S Madhusudhan

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Publish Date: May 18 2016 3:45PM | Updated Date: May 18 2016 3:57PM

There is more to do with urban farming
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People of Bengaluru have different kind of approach towards urban farming. Urban farming is a way too popular in the city with people putting their terraces, balconies or backyards to good use.  
Among these, there is a man S Madhusudhan, an advertising and market veteran, who is turning his passion into business, a very successful business.
Madhusudhan left his job and started growing vegetables in a 30X40 square feet plot. He then launched an organic farming startup, back2basics, in 2011. That small plot has grown to over 180 acres. Out of which, on 3.5 acres, Madhusudhan even offers experiential farming to his consumers so that they know how back2basicis grows its vegetables. 
There are many other people who share this passion and this business sense with Madhusudhan, as reported by ‘EconomicTimes’.  
After spending half his life in the US, the Silicon Valley professional, Kumar Ramachandran started his farming venture here after selling his engineering devices services. Farm Taaza, which formed in 2015, sources fruits and vegetables from farmers to its customers. It has generated revenue of nearly Rs 5 crore in seven months -Sept 2015 to March 2016 -and embarked into contract farming on 20 acres recently. He is now CEO of Farm Taaza.
Former lawyer, Sumeet Kaur, who worked with a tax consultancy firm for seven years, believed she would take up farming after retirement. But in 2014, after she quit her job, she used her savings to set up Spudnik Farms in Hoskote.
Earth Kitchen, which started in 2013 offering farm lunches on weekends, has now evolved into an interface that offers workshops on acquiring land, master-planning the farm, harvesting water and organic resources, business planning for the farm as well as landscaping. The farm was started by Arati Venkat, who quit her job with Dubai government to start this up.