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Urban farming: Connecting cities to peaceful villages

Urban farming is a new trend and a key to healthy city besides helpful in reducing carbon foot print

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: May 10 2016 1:38PM | Updated Date: May 10 2016 1:41PM

Urban farming: Connecting cities to peaceful villages

Urban farming is a trend which is engaging people from different pitches of life. It can be seen at placid cafeterias, shopping complexes, rooftops etc. These farms are primarily used for growing everyday spices and herbs, vegetables and fruits.

These farms provide greenery, reduce the temperature by absorbing excessive carbon, and offer delicious ingredients for the food in middle of the rustle bustle. Lovely Kathuria, an expert in horticultural shared with Policy Pulse that Urban Farms are very easy to build too.
“When we hear the word – Farms, one might think the commercial use of crops but the most basic concept of farms is to grow food in it doesn’t matter if it is for commercial purpose or self-use,” she added.
“Urban farms don’t need large areas and can be organized within a small place. With little creativity one may create a green space within home or around the residential areas. Urban farms can be made by the residents of a locality which would provide greens to the people within the society and can also be sold to the nearby localities,” shared Lovely.
Another supporter of Urban Farming - Dr Ajay Dixit said, “Urban farming fulfills dual aim. Such farms also help in making city healthy. They reduce the carbon foot print in the city by absorbing the molecules.” Dr Dixit considers Urban Farms as oxygen source of the city.