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Govt not threatened by the declining cultivable area

The problem can be tackled using technology in irrigation and agriculture sector, said the minister

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Publish Date: May 7 2016 4:14PM | Updated Date: May 7 2016 4:17PM

Govt not threatened by the declining cultivable area
Minister of state and Agriculture, Sanjiv Baliyan, said that cultivable land in the country is declining by 0.03 million hectares every year but the situation is not alarming. The minister said it in Rajya Sabha during the question hour. 
He also added that the net sown area has remained almost the same. 
The declining of the land poses no problem according to the Minister as it can be checked by increasing crop density from 138 percent to 200 percent, as he said in the upper house of parliament while replying to supplementaries. 
He said though the quality of seeds was a major problem, crop output can be increased by utilizing technology in agriculture sector and irrigation facilities. 
"The biggest problem is irrigation as only 45 per cent land is irrigated in the country," the minister said in the Sabha. 
In addition to that, the minister said that states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat use drip irrigation facilities, the minister admitted that India is far behind countries like Israel which deploys drip irrigation facilities to get maximum yield out of every drop of water.
He appreciated Prime Minister’s Krishi Sinchai Yojna by saying that it can help improve the crop yield.
To a question on the break-up of cultivable and fallow land, Baliyan said, "Out of a total of 328 million hectare of land, 181.95 million hectares is cultivable land, which is 60 per cent of total land.