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Marathwada dams run short of Water

Only 2% of water left in dams in drought-struck before the monsoon sets in

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Publish Date: May 3 2016 12:40PM | Updated Date: May 3 2016 12:40PM

Marathwada dams run short of Water

With month and a half time before the monsoon Mathwara is facing scarcity of water out of which eight of the region's 11 major dams are at dead storage level.


 According to ‘TOI’ report, water from the dams has to be lifted as it cannot flow out. Even the Manjara and Lower Terna dams have run totally dry.


Last year at this time, the water level in those dams was higher at 10%. This is the fourth year of drought in Marathwada in the last five years. The state government reveals that  there is enough water to last the region till monsoon. "We are hopeful the monsoon will come earlier," said state water resources minister Girish Mahajan.


According to the reports, Rainfall across the state has been deficient since 2014. Dams across the state have only 16% water left, compared to 27% at this time in 2015. Dam water levels in north and western Maharashtra have halved compared to last year. Water levels in western Maharashtra's dams have dropped from 32% to 16% at this time last year.


Activist Kishor Tiwari, who is heading a task force for farmers, said “the government should enforce a cut-back in cultivation of water-guzzling sugarcane in favour of more sustainable crops”.